Why is the government mandating

Most immigration enforcement funds were going to a surge in border agents. Bush's push for comprehensive immigration reform, which would have legalized the unauthorized immigrants in the United States, gave the hawks their opportunity.

In 2006, Congress approved the Secure Fence Act mandating nearly 700 miles of fencing on the border.

Native American tribes also have the capacity to stop construction of barriers.A 1970 treaty requires that the floodplain of the Rio Grande remain open to both sides of the border. These also provide an opportunity for border crossers.The Obama administration attempted to build fences along the river anyway, but the treaty and the river's floods forced the barrier to be placed so far into the interior of the United States that it has many holes to allow U. At the same time, the fence can cause Mexico to receive too much water.The immigration reform never materialized, but fence construction was nearly complete by 2009, and there are now 617 total miles of physical barriers, 36 miles of which have two layers. They complained that there was no second layer in most places.They stewed that half the fence was just "vehicle barriers"—concrete posts that provide obstacles for drivers but not pedestrians.

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