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When storage conditions have been optimal, many foods are acceptable in terms of taste and other quality characteristics for periods of time beyond the expiration date printed on the label, and also are safe to eat.Taste and other quality characteristics deteriorate more rapidly if the food is stored at elevated temperatures and high humidity conditions (such as would occur if the air conditioning failed in a retail store, warehouse, or in the consumer's home.Food safety is not an issue in products kept on the shelf or in the pantry for long periods of time.In fact, canned food has an almost indefinite shelf life at moderate temperatures (75° F and below). They also have another page entitled "How to Read Canned Food Dating ".My reply as a consumer is - "why should I have to call the company". Each canned food manufacturer has a unique coding system.Some manufacturers list day, month and year of production, while other companies reference only the year.To explain, FDA's regulations pertain, among other things, to food safety.The quality characteristics of foods (taste, aroma and appearance--as distinct from safety characteristics) often depend in great part on good storage conditions: temperature and humidity control in the retail store and warehouse.

Although dating of some foods is required by more than 20 states, there are areas of the country where much of the food supply has some type of open date and other areas where almost no food is dated. The FDA only has guidelines on labeling a product and the required information.

The dates required on infant formula products are "use by" dates, not "expiration" dates.

A consumer using the infant formula product before this date is assured that the product meets nutritional and quality standards. That sounds like manufacturer and vendor influence in a government department. Email, write or telephone influential groups or people.

Conversely, deterioration occurs very slowly if foods are stored under optimal conditions (correct storage temperatures and low humidity)..

An exception to this answer is that expiration dates are required on drugs.

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