Validating devices domain

Domain Validated (DV) , Organization Validated (OV), and Extended Validation (EV).The major difference in these certificates revolves around what information the Certificate Authority, Global Sign, confirms in order to issue a certificate.Then a couple of questions on the first personalsign certificate issued, again resolved quickly. The team really knows their stuff and are all very personable. Whilst it was complicated to download and install the personal certificates , your staff were very good during vetting to find a solution ,also help desk , sales and customer services replied promptly to questions on set up and invoicing.Your customer service is first rate, and you were willing to walk me through some fairly complex things over the phone.Anyway got their in the end and its not as hard as it first looks.I dealt with Sarah Mizzoni and all I can say is that the service I received from Sarah was second to none.With a flexible verification process, you can choose from numerous automated methods to prove ownership of your domain and your certificate can be delivered in just a few minutes.

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The naming conventions just appear all over the shop when it comes to endings, file types etc etc.You made it clear that if I had any further questions, I only had to ring you back.Of the three options suggested by the FDA, yours was the one that only one providing immediate and clear instructions for what I needed.After getting us onboard, he also made sure that we were able to successfully update our SSL certificate across servers. Thanks Gaurav Both times I have had a need to call for support, Global Sign has provided such support in a professional and very competent manner.Support like Global Sign offers is invaluable in my opinion and the main reason I continue to do business and recommend GS to colleagues.

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