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Review: The object of the present research is the narrative functions of the forms of Russian traditional folklore culture, most of all, oral forms and vocal art. Rossiya v pesne.-M.: Izdatel'sov Muzyka, 1976.-S.90. The discourse of this kind has all th systemically important elements, in particular, itimplies participants, goals, strategies and communication techniques, chronotope, communication topics, basic values, kinds and genres of discourse, precedent texts, discursive formulas and finally functions to be fulfilled as part of the discursive process.

The author concludes that it is appropriate to talk about show business discourse as a specific sphere of the English-language discursive space.

In this research Gurevich uses the method of hermeneutical analysis that allows to understand the writer's messages.

Using satire the author describes absurd situations created by the technological progress.

References (transliterated): Bachinskaya N., Popova T. Within the framework of the present research, the author has applied the integrated research method that combined discursive and contextual analysis methods as well as the method of continuous sampling of discursive elements. Diskurs v virtual'nom obshchenii: motivatsionno-potrebnostnye i rolevye determinanty // Psikhologiya i Psikhotekhnika. Show business discourse is viewed both as a cognitive communication process that directly relates to the creation of numerous verbal pieces in the sphere of show business and a certain combination of texts, both oral and written, created as a result of the aforesaid process and devoted to the events ongoing in the sphere of show business combined with intra-linguistic and extra-linguistic factors. Under contemporary educational process, strongly dependent on internet resources, this approach to collect details of historic facts in forms of traditional culture is very cognitively activating, because historic knowledge itself is vertical not horizontal. Emelian Pugachev's revolt is given as the case study.

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