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Even as NATO remains unclear as to the military importance of the new missile's development, member states agree that it represents a violation of trust. The more moderate responses are marked in green while the more severe are in orange. For the missiles to have the desired deterrent effect on Russia, though, they would have to be stationed in Europe - just like during the Cold War.Among the latter are such measures as a higher level of readiness, a more frequent rotation of nuclear-capable B-2 bombers or an upgrade of NATO's missile defense systems. A joint signal needs to be sent that a Russian violation of the treaty comes with a military price, says an adviser to Mattis in Brussels. And it would mean a return to the logic of the Cold War. believes Russia is secretly developing nuclear-capable, medium-range missiles in violation of the INF Treaty. Lehrgang der Henri-Nannen-Journalistenschule in Hamburg. When NATO's Nuclear Planning Group assembles, the highest level of classification is applied: "Cosmic Top Secret." Even defense ministers from the alliance are required to turn in their mobile phones before entering the small, windowless meeting room at NATO's headquarters in Brussels. Dezember 2000 als Korrespondent im Berliner Büro von SPIEGEL ONLINE. Im Hauptstadtbüro vor allem zuständig für die Außenpolitik.Other allies, particularly the Baltic States, do not share these concerns.Russia's sabotage of the INF Treaty is regarded as a "serious challenged posed by the Russian Federation to security on the European continent," said Karoblis, the Lithuanian defense minister.

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In the meeting, Mattis pointed out that other NATO member states have also obtained intelligence pertaining to the Russian developments, something Lithuanian Defense Minister Raimundas Karoblis confirmed in comments to DER SPIEGEL. intelligence material to be credible but that final proof is still lacking, said a source in Berlin.

"Russian deployment of intermediate-range missiles in violation of the INF Treaty has been confirmed by the Allied intelligence sources," he said in a statement. "We take the indications of a possible violation extremely seriously," says German Defense Minister Ursula von der Leyen.

This week, the Americans had wanted to see the NATO council issue a statement including a sharp rebuke of Russia for breaching the INF Treaty.

But Berlin took the lead in ensuring that the alliance did not adopt an official position on the issue. The Russians and the Americans are in the process of undermining the disarmament successes of the 1980s, Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel said this week at a foreign policy event in Berlin. "We could be facing the immediate danger of another, perhaps even nuclear, arms race," he said.

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