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You'll note the considerable space here between the No. It was a competitive game but one that seemed to never truly be in doubt.Western Michigan had only 280 total yards, 217 below its season average.The struggling passing game sent up an itty-bitty red flag, and it's difficult not to raise an eyebrow at offensive coordinator Lane Kiffin's sudden departure for his new job and the elevation of Steve Sarkisian.But the result of the CFP semifinal at the Chick-fil-A Peach Bowl was nonetheless a decisive 24-7 takedown of Washington.

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The Tigers bounced back from a 1-2 start that imperiled coach Gus Malzahn, but they also symbolize the SEC's slide this season -- see their thorough drubbing at the hands of Oklahoma in the Sugar Bowl. While it's unlikely to become a permanent state of affairs, it's fair to say the SEC at present is the Crimson Tide and a nameless supporting cast. Still, they were unable to make a louder statement against Wisconsin in the Cotton Bowl, losing 24-16.Maybe it's an emotional reaction to Penn State's gutty effort in losing truly one of the most entertaining games you'll ever, ever see, but we're promoting the Nittany Lions, too.Here's a guess we're not the only ones whose opinions of this team are higher today after a bowl loss than they were before the Nittany Lions took on USC. Making a distinction between Ohio State and Washington is difficult, particularly with the Big Ten and Pac-12 being mostly bad-to-mediocre in the postseason and both teams getting whipped in CFP semifinals.While you could make a case that things might have been more competitive without several notable miscues, that can be said about just about every game.Washington proved itself as a good team this year, but it's not yet in Alabama's class.

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