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Strong and silent, he is the epitome of manhood, but always expects the woman to make the first move. How to turn him on: Fit a mirror on the bedroom ceiling - watching you drives him wild.

TAURUS WOMAN - living doll (Sign stars: Renee Zellweger, Zara Phillips, Penelope Cruz, pictured) FEMININE and beautiful, she longs for a man to play Ken to her ever-adoring Barbie.

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Gemini May 22 - June 22 GEMINI MAN - smooth operator (Star Geminis: Johnny Depp, Prince William, Jonny Wilkinson, pictured) MERCURIAL by nature, he works hard to make himself an exciting prospect.SEXTROLOGY The Astrology of Sex and the Sexes, the first book by Starsky Cox, took the pop-metaphysical world by storm, effectively dragging the subject of astrology out of the occult aisles of bookshops, ushering it into the modern zeitgeist, if not plopping it smack-dab in designer store display windows.In this seminal work, Starsky Cox explore what they determine to be twenty-four separate signs, male and female, surveying the signs effects on every individuals psychology, physiology and sexuality.According to top New York astrologers, Stella Starsky and Quinn Cox, the zodiac offers one of the best clues to our sex lives.Unlike many stargazers, they believe male and female versions of the same sign are markedly different - especially when it comes to sex.

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