Parker vacumatic dating

Around 1930 Ancora produced the first celluloid models, clearly inspired by the Parker Duofold, with hard rubber black ends, a ball clip and button filler.These models were produced in two sizes, using marbled, black or single colored celluloid.This sub-brand was associated only with pens made with precious metal overlay, that were marked with the name Rapid and the letters "G. The nib was still marked Ancora or Warranted with an engraving of an anchor and the initials "G.Z." Whitin this line, especially in the '30s, have been designed some overlay with the most refined and elegant decorations of that time.Launched by a large advertising campaign, the Da-Ma model was a good selling success, but the filling system, as it was innovative, proved to be very fragile from a mechanical point of view.

There are also some invoces from 1941 showing the claim Casa fondata nel 1902, but this probably refers to the begininng of Zanini commercial activities, not to Ancora foundation.The Duplex had a wheel clip (like the one used on the first Doric models), with three cap rings on the bottom of the cap, one on the top and other two rings on the barrel: one just under the cap and at the other at the end.All finishes were gold plated, and the nib was 14k gold.Were also produced some more traditional models, always in celluloid, equipped with lever filler, piston filler or button filler loading system.In the late '40s Ancora, trying to follow the Parker 51 success, introduced an hooded nib pen, called Calamus.

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