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Smatra se da se ime Bosna po prvi put javilo u jednom spisu Konstantina Porfirogenita (sredina X veka) i to na onom mestu gde o u opisu Srbije navodi: "U krtenoj Srbiji jesu ovi naseljeni gradovi: Destinikom, Cernauvski, Megiretus, Dresnik, Salines, a u kraju Bosni Katera i Desnik".

U to doba Bosna se nije smatrala dravom već samo delom Rake kojom je tada vladao knez Časlav.

Bosanski ban je pobegao u Ugarsku, a Bosna je postala sastavni deo hrvatske drave.

Ni hrvatska vlast nije dugo trajala, već je uskoro smenjuje Vizantija.

O Bosni su i inače veoma siromani podaci i do sredine X veka o njoj se ne zna bilo ta pouzdanije.

Nazire se tek da je njome upravljao ban, a ova titula ima verovatno avarsko poreklo.

Second he never called himself Serb, but Bosnjanin(Bosnian).

The mentioned noble Kotroman was from Croatian part of Dalmatia. Tsar Dushan never had a border west of Drina river. Tell me where are the traces of Orthodox culture in Bosnia? The document was written two times in Latin and two times in SLAVIC.

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It actually says "Stjepan Tvrtko Kotromanic" not Stefan. He called himself in the end: King of Bosnia, Rashka, Dalmatia, Croatia and Seaside.

Rodom je iz južne afganistanske regije Kandahar gdje su talibani vrlo snažni.

” — Lao Tzu, from The Tao Te Ching, Chapter XVIIThe texts in French and Polish have better time stamps than the others because they were constructed by expert subtitlers (thanks, François and Peter) who built files designed for use by subtitling software.

In this what I post to you like prove you can read very good that he say in "povelja" that he say that his "pearents are serbs".

He get crown like all Serbian kings in church Mileseva he have name Stefan like all another Serbian kings like tsar Stefan Dusan Silni!

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