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Should I just ignore it, address him directly (“Boss, the photo of your bare chest makes me uncomfortable” would be a very awkward conversation! Assuming it’s not the kind of photo that’s moving out of the G-rated realm (like if he were wearing a thong and facing away from the camera), all you can really do here is roll your eyes and let it go. Bug bites at work I’ve read previous columns in which you’ve discussed visible cuts/bruises at work, and I was wondering what you thought about visible bug bites.), or share my concern with his supervisor (I don’t know if she has seen it yet, or if she cares)? I’m one of those unfortunate people who can’t step outside for five minutes without acquiring five new bug bites, even with bug spray.

One shop is open daily 9-9, the other 11-7, and they are each an hour on the bus from my home (I sold my car to make extra money), and two hours from each other as they are in opposite directions.

Both suggested that we set up a meeting, but when I email them back to try to find a time, I get no response.

Were they just being polite asking to set up a time?

I work for the Southern California branch of a large, multinational corporation.

The company recently rolled out a new internal employee directory/intranet platform that allows us to customize our profile photos, resume information, skills and interests, etc.

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