Eno hammock singlenest vs doublenest free dating site in europe country borders

Here are some questions to ask yourself when evaluating which hammock is best for you: Are you sharing it with your better half? Hammock sizes can vary from around 4′ wide all the way up to 8.5′ wide.

On average, between 6-7′ is a comfortable size for both a single user or two sharing.

Hammock maker Eagles Nest Outfitters (ENO) overhauled the design of its trusty Double Nest hammock.Double Nest: It’s durable and fairly smooth, the Double Nest uses a 70D parachute nylon fabric common in many hammocks.You can choose your style as it comes in endless color options.The Double Nest is 6’2″ wide, 9’4″ long and is ideal for snuggling up with someone special.It’s also great for solo hangs, as the extra material allows you to cocoon yourself in cozy luxury.

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