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They advertise all over the Web that their company address is located in Alber Tina Sisulu rpad in Hill brow. I have received my dischem baby bag and im verry unhappy to say the least. Had to keep contacting the head office in regards to the "free" dischem bag .

After following the procedure i still had to wait more then 2 weeks and everytime i asked at the branch i was told to be patient. I recieved my bag today still waiting for the sms or call to be made for me to pick up .

Tomorrow i will be 36 weeks and need the bag for...

Good day, I phoned Polo Di meo and asked if he could assist us with a license disc. We paid him R1360 and up until know we do not have the license and we can't get hold of him.

a few days later a consultant called to offer me more and I then give her my complaint and she took my e-mail address and said that she would send me my package as we were speaking. i ordered a drone from them on line, and paid for it.

after 3 days i asked them if they did get the money to which they replied no and that i must reverse the money. i phoned capitec bank as to find out if they do exist,gave them the acc no they said that the acc.

I was never contacted by Vodacom, never authorized this swop and was never sent an SMS. when i reported this case to MTN i was asked t submit an affidavit and certified copy of my ID document .

I contacted Vodacom by e-mail several times and submitted a certified affidavit in order to recover my money and for them to investigate. i have done so now 2 weeks already and when i call their customer care they do not have any answers for me , the case is with another department which they cannot provide contact numbers for it.

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