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I was able to get my copy of the report signed by the team as pictured to the right.Visiting the place you were, just for a day, and seeing everyone doing it all without you feels complicated. At the same time, you get to see others step up and take things in their own directions.I will say, it was a great opportunity to see our lives and work through a different lens.To see how we and how others would see us in the academy.I’m always excited to have folks outside the class join in on our learning community.So please consider following along on the course blog and commenting if/when things pique your interest.In May, I gave a talk Maura had been slated to give at the Digital Initiatives Symposium in San Diego.

I was lucky to get the chance to participate in the event.

In 2017 we were also able to put out a whole special issue of D-Lib focused on various NDP projects.

Before I left IMLS, I was working on the start of planning [email protected], a report and summit reflecting on the first three years of the National Digital Platform initiative at IMLS and a look toward to it’s future.

I see so many of the places and the people that I know, that I’ve learned from, evident in the stories I share in it.

It’s still got the semi-breathless run-on-sentence-hedging that is part of conversations where I get caught-up in thoughts and ideas.

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