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Enjoy coloring nearly 500 all-new full- and partial-page Scripture illustrations, and journal or create your own art on the over 1,000 wide-margin, lightly-ruled pages without pre-printed illustrations.they really want this promotion or one of a loved one has really taken a really good for them ...and it doesn't work out it doesn't care if you're a mean do you probably know guy for not delivering you know I think that's the balance of it is you have to ask for trust comes in ...Discover Inspire—the Bible that has become a treasured legacy Bible for so many—and learn more about the soon-to-be-released Inspire PRAISE Bible, and leave traces of faith—and PRAISE—throughout your Bible for a treasured legacy Bible that will truly inspire!Single-column setting / Black letter text / 8.65-point font (Inspire has a larger font than most regular-size journaling Bibles!

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