Cool sex games online

If you had a particularly steamy sex session, you can rehash all of the details together over text. “Remember when I was just sitting in your living room and you came in and gave me that little smile?

” If your partner doesn’t respond right away, keep going.

Ask your partner to read it at the same time you’re reading it.

Copy and paste the specific sentences that you really like, or discuss your favorite scenes. Text your partner and ask them to guess something about your clothing.

Make sure to follow through the next time you see each other!

The next time you’re at your partner’s house, leave something sexy behind, like a pair of underwear you wore when you were together, a new lingerie set they’ve never seen you in, or even a sex toy.

You can ask them to guess the specific underwear you’re wearing or the color.

We’ve done the very basic stuff, and now I’d like to surprise him with something different.

This is a good game to play with partners who might feel a bit shy about discussing your personal sex life over text.

Tell your partner you want to write a story together, where you take turns coming up with sentences.

For example, “You’re going to get in at nine at night.

We could either get really dressed up and go out to dinner, take a quick shower together, or go straight into the bedroom. ” You can either take turns giving options and making decisions, or have your partner plan out the entire date.

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