Cambodia sex slave

It is also due to the shocking stories she and her girls have told.about a girl named Long Pross, who had finally summoned the strength to tell her stunning story of sexual slavery.

Mam is now a superstar in the mostly gritty world of nonprofits, and a jet-setting global icon, but she always insists that her real life is with her “girls” back in Phnom Penh.Accompanied by a man she identifies only as “Grandfather,” she trundled past stilted homes inhabited by tribal villagers and forests that were home to sacred spirits.In her autobiography, Mam tells how “Grandfather” turned her at a very young age into his domestic slave.Her story becomes even more inspiring when you hear her shocking tale of being sold into sexual slavery.In 2005, she published her autobiography, She has done so much for so many, does it matter that key parts of her story aren’t true?

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