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Does she go running back to her hubby and life as a man’s wife? She stands her ground and tries to convince her lesbian love that she is gay, was maybe always was gay but has just recently realized it.

Is it fair of the Gay Girl to pull her away from her straight life only to leave her once she does? I think that all these ladies should cut their losses and move on. It’s a blessing that you’ve realized you’re gay and that you’ve come out of the closet.

I don’t wait for an answer, instead I press two fingers into her wet opening. She’s pressing back against my hand and forward against my fingers. Yes, Daddy, yes, ohgodplease.” She wants to be fucked so badly, she’s gripping the bed cover and she’s widened her stance, all the while pressing back harder and harder, impaling herself on my fingers. ” I stop the in-and-out and hold myself inside, stroking her G-spot with my fingertips. Now, you’re going to relax and open up for my fist, aren’t you?

“Oh, yes, Daddy, yes…” After a few strokes, I give her a third finger. “Oh, Daddy, I want more but I’m so little, I don’t think I can take it.” Under her faux innocence she’s practically growling and her hips are getting more and more urgent. it hurts, it’s too big” She knows that just makes me want her more, knows she can reach inside me and pull the big, nasty, mean Daddy out this way. You’re going to pull my fist inside you and you’re going to tell me how good it feels to be all filled up because that’s what my good little girl does, she opens herself up for Daddy.

it hurts but it feels good, too.” “You are perfect, baby, open enough to let me in and tight enough to squeeze me..

squeeze down on my fist, baby, let me feel you.” A low groan as she does as asked. Two more hard ones and she opens up even more, it’s like magic. so beautiful, so good for Daddy.” I start slowly, pulling back and pressing in, letting her settle in.

I’m imagining her bent over, face pressed against the rough hotel bed cover, trembling and squirming while I stand behind her, watching. So she can hear me pull it out through the loops, one by one. She cries out, counting as told, barely holding herself still, struggling to not move away from me. ”Such a good girl, three more now, baby.” “Three, four! I reach between her legs, lightly touching her inner thigh. “Oh, Daddy…” I lean down and whisper in her ear, “You like it, don’t you, baby? “But it hurts, Daddy, please I’ll be good, please no more, Daddy”, she’s put a delightful pout into her voice and she’s turned her face so I can see her sincerity. She loves what’s happening and what is going to happen and I won’t be surprised if gives me more reasons to spank her. I give her a nasty chuckle in response, “It hurts too much, you say? ”You know, babygirl, you should tell your cunt you don’t like being spanked because I don’t think it agrees with you.” I get a handful of her and squeeze hard, hard enough to get her to moan and squirm and finally cry out.

Now Ex-Straighty is heart broken and devastated over the loss of her true love.

And while I think it is wrong for lesbians to leave their straight loves in the dust (probably due to the pressures of dealing with the ex hubby and new instant family with children), I also believe it is the responsibility of the married woman who chose to step out on her marriage with ANYONE be it gay or another man, to own it and woman-up. Yes you thought you loved this woman but evidently you were enamored with lust or something else because you did not give it enough time to find out if she was serious about you, or you did not give your relationship the respect to end it on YOUR terms and for the right reasons. And frankly I know some men who would do better, and that pains me to say.

When you break up a marriage,you have to be sure it is what you want because nothing in life in guaranteed. (well except that life will end and even then you don’t know when..) Lesbians who prey upon moms with children better start learning to accept the responsibility that comes with said children.

Should Ex-Straighty just be happy that she has realized her true sexual orientation, be happy for her first lesbian love affair and happier still for all the future lady loves that I’m sure await her, should this first one not work out? I just had family/religious pressures causing me to force myself to play into the straight life. I was in love with a girl at the time but ultimately I knew that no matter what happened with her, I was gay and never going back into that closet.

I knew this had important consequences for myself as well as my son but I felt it was better than living a lie for the rest of my life.

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