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Kya was killed during a Fire Nation raid on their village when Katara was young, forcing her young daughter to take on a maternal role in her family.Her only inheritance was a necklace first owned by her grandmother, It was revealed that Kya sacrificed herself to save Katara's life when the Fire Nation came to the Southern Water Tribe, seeking to kill the last waterbender.Katara trained her second child and only daughter, Kya, in waterbending, who became a master healer in her own right, Katara showed concern about Tenzin's uptight personality toward his older siblings, and after the Glacier Spirits Festival, she insisted that Tenzin took his siblings in his vacation to the air temples, telling him he would come to appreciate the time he spent with them when he reached her age.Katara has a loving relationship with her grandchildren Jinora, Ikki, Meelo, and Rohan, who refer to her as Gran-Gran.Hakoda consoled his daughter by telling her that his departure had a heavy emotional toll on him as well.Since their reunion, Hakoda aided Team Avatar several times with preparations for the invasion of the Fire Nation.After becoming wounded during battle, Katara healed her father and decided to assist him in following the troops to the Royal Palace while the other members continued their search for Ozai. With their mother deceased and their father off fighting in the War, Kanna was the only other relative they had at the time and thus became their caretaker.

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After the airbender woke up, she greeted her grandmother with a smile and told her how much she had missed her.All of the children, sans an unborn Rohan, were happy and excited to visit their grandmother at the South Pole, especially Jinora, who stated that she had been reading all about Katara's old adventures.Katara was happy to see them too, smiling enthusiastically when they were talking to her.Players can choose their own clan and help guide them to victory against the enemy in an intense tournament.These strategy games require planning and strategy to invade a distant land in order to declare war and win against enemy tribes.

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