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But my primary concern is that viewers – especially non-black ones – don’t leave the theater thinking that the half-century-old true story it depicts is ancient history and outside of the realm of reality in a 2017 in which our president marginalized an entire fucking minority group with his Twitter fingers this week.The Ford Galaxie 500 police cruisers in the film may have been updated to Ford Fusions, and the “boys” and hard-r “niggers” not uttered as liberally by cops.Considering the film’s brutal content, we shouldn’t want black women to be unnecessarily injected into that.All of the aforementioned issues dovetail into one of the film’s chief critiques: should Bigelow and Boal, both white, be the ones to tell such a racially charged story?But it takes little more than a glance at the national news on any given day to realize that racial relations among police and black folks have a long way to go. Seibert lifts heavy weights and plays all his video games on hard mode to find peace.He has a better ear for hip-hop than anyone else you know. Not even a Wes Anderson joint, but something you might see as part of a museum exhibit before you head to the dinosaur section. There were many shed tears and some walk-outs at the screening I attended. For us native Detroiters, there’ll certainly be an element of aggravation at the fact that there’s an eponymous movie representing the city in such a harsh, if historical, light, considering that the media has spent years portraying Detroit like its Mogadishu in the early 1990s.Sure, it’s a historical film depicting events from 50 years ago, but Detroiters are fiercely defensive people and this is just another thing that will make us want to throw hands at shit-talking outsiders.

Would it have been better for John Singleton or a Hughes brother or Ava Duvernay to tackle the story…?

Samira Wiley pops up looking fly for about seven seconds, and every other sista in the film pops up in a SAG-AFTRA minimum-rate capacity.

However, Black women simply weren’t present at the Algiers Motel during the incident.

4 wide release so everyone can see and discuss it, I’ve zero doubt that will anger many – especially black folks – for what will likely be several different reasons.

In the film, the ’67 rebellion serves as a backdrop for the so-called Algiers Motel incident, where three black boys were killed, and seven black males and two white women were brutalized in one night by white officers from the Detroit and Michigan State police departments, as well as the Michigan Army National Guard.

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