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Apply a serum or oil and moisturiser after this process.Massages Body scrubs and oils not only exfoliate and hydrate the skin, they also help relieve tension and stress.When you’ve finished, remove the mask with a warm facial compress or towel.Then splash your face with cool water to close up pores and pat dry.This has potent anti-inflammatory and healing properties, and honey also works to amy erbacher dating, soften, nourish and deeply hydrate skin.March 24 0 comments Category: June 28 0 comments Category: Thank you to everyone who voted for her. “I think women – and men for that matter – are increasingly more savvy when it comes to their home care routine,” she says.

“Remember, light gentle strokes in circular movements.”Waxing Waxing is a clever way to get silky, smooth skin for longer.

If you have more than one skin concern, try multi-masking.

This can help you target any specific needs on different areas of your face at the one time.

“I also like to give myself a firm facial massage to help tone the skin and promote blood flow and lymphatic drainage.

Cleansing your skin is the best time to massage your facial muscles, promoting lymphatic drainage to detox from the inside.”Facial steaming will allow your pores to open up and help remove toxins from the skin as you perspire.

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