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“In a hectic world, camp offers an oasis for everyone of all ages,” Holland said.Of course, these camps are timed for long weekends for those workforce members who don’t have the whole summer off–and most of them allow and even provide adult beverages.Meals are served in the Space Camp Crew Galley and lodging is in the dorm-style Habitat facilities.Also on offer at the Rocket Center facility are Adult Aviation Challenge, and Advanced Space Academy.Campers stay in shared (same sex) cabins with assigned bunks, or have the option to sleep their own tents or rented tents.Healthy food served at Camp Grounded accommodates diets from vegan to carnivore, and all meats served are natural and cage-free.Of worrying if it's really worth sharing your gifts with the world and doubting if sex education will ever payoff financially as a career... Yet, it seems like people are always asking you to lower your rates, teach for free, and give another chunk of yourself for nothing. I knew my calling, and had seen what I taught change lives and transform relationships.

Campers learn about sustainable vineyard management and Long Island’s terroir, and they learn about wine tasting, food pairings, and they get to blend their own wine. In fact, campers are sent home with a case of wine for further study.

When I did get gigs, people would sometimes try to knock my workshop prices down, and I started comparing their business practices, and I studied what their various industries might have in common business-wise.

I sought out and interviewed my friends who were super successful in business.

What they revealed to me and what I discovered, I "copy/pasted" and tested out on my brand and my career.

From cutting-edge ways of leveraging social media to becoming a recognized authority in one’s field...

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