Adult campfire songs

I think that's enough to make you high on life and nature and I think that's what he really is saying. Population growth remains the biggest threat to a wilderness ethic.

I hear his love for the Rockies and nature, and how it makes him feel. Most remaining true wilderness is in mountainous areas because it's harder to build on steep land, but many mountain zones are already overcrowded, with deteriorating air and water quality. D.) is often the only way to make a living up there.

We had no idea what they were talking about but did look up that night to see the same Perseid shower that John Denver saw..somewhere in the same vicinity.

It truly was as if fireworks were shooting all over the sky, which was of course totally black at 10,000ft before light polution became a problem in the US.

Hopefully now that his music is becoming popular again it will inspire people to embrace what it means to be a Coloradan.

The lyrics and the melody complement each other perfectly to portray the thoughts and feelings of the artist.

After graduating high school in Iowa in 1972, in early August myself, John, and Larry decided to go to Colorado for a few weeks camping and consuming 5% Coors beer.

The human race invariably ruins what it claims to revere in the name of "economic growth" aka overpopulation.

No other species uses land so intensively and gives little back.

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